Here are some more details on what you can expect in the NLP Master Practitioner certification seminar.

The Master Class is very special in that it takes place at the same time as the Practitioner Class. The mornings are joined sessions, whilst in the afternoons the Master Practitioners continue there own education.

In the morning, participants of the Master Class will have the chance to revisit previous learnings whilst at the same time practicing their techniques with the Practitioner Class. In doing so, they will take the lead and help the practitioners in understanding and applying their new skills.

In the afternoon, several new topics will be introduced and previous topics will be revisited to gain a deeper understanding, including working with strategies, timelining, language patterns and new inductions.

Master Practitioners – hence the name – will be able to build upon previous learnings and demonstrate their mastery whilst practicing with the practitioners.

This seminar serves as a 9-day long challenge, where the Master Practitioners demonstrate their skills and pass them on.