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International Seminars & Certification Events
in London, Zürich, Munich, Aachen and Friedrichshafen

We all want to improve our ability to master the challenges of our daily lifes -

in our families, in business and with all our relationships.
Everybody wants to work smarter, not harder!
NLP allows us to see beyond our limits, feel better most of time, listen and communicate more carefully and
change the way we behave, deal with things and control who we are,
by re-programming the way we use language in our minds, because our thoughts become our words,
our words become our actions and our actions determine our character and our faith.

Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Get your worldwide license as NLP Practitioner

directly from Dr. Richard Bandler

NLP was created from ideas that sprung from a thesis by Dr. Richard Bandler titled “The Structure of Magic”. Dr. Richard Bandler's work and training has helped millions of people around the world to live a more fulfilled life, where people learn how to control their thinking, how to communicate more effectively and become happier and confident.
Learning & Growth is a licensed training partner of Dr. Richard Bandler.
Our trainer have been trained and licensed by Dr. Richard Bandler. We use the same training materials, approaches and methods. Our seminars lead to Licensed Practitioner or Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP, approved and signed by the Society for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Dr. Richard Bandler.
There is no other NLP License you will need, ever.

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NLP Process for Change

Well-formedness Conditions

Representational Systems

Eye Accessing Cues

State Elicitation / Anchoring

Trance Inductions / Practice

Meta Model / Milton Model

Strategies & Meta-Programs

Special NLP Techniques


Get to know the most important NLP Techniques

Learn and practice with an international group of like-minded people

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The only NLP License you will need

We are one of a few training provider in Europe who offer english language NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner certification seminars, where you will get your license agreement and certificate from Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programmin, himself.  As licensed NLP Trainer, we work closely with Dr. Richard Bandler and the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to ensure the highest level of quality and adherence to their standards.

Our aim is to bring people from all over the world together to learn and practice NLP .


Develop the best communication skills possible

Improve or change your personal strategies

Take control over your thinking - your words & thoughts

Discover your meta-programs and behavioural preferences

Become clearer about your belief- and value-systems

Use the power of your personal state to feel good anytime

Get to know what really motivates you and go for it

Help others in achieving their goals

Become the person that you want to be

Achim Lelle
Licensed NLP Trainer

"if this is your journey, then make the next step"





NLP Introduction

Live Webinar


limited time only

2 Hour Online Training
using Videoconferencing

Participation Certificate

Including an additional
10% off your first NLP seminar

Top 10 NLP techniques

 4-pager (pdf) with quick-access

information to essential

NLP techniques

NLP Introduction
to these topics:

NLP Process for Change
Representation System

Eye Accessing

Trance & Anchoring

Meta Model & Milton Model


NLP Practitioner

was  2.950 €

now  1.900 €


7 Day Seminar in a Hotel
London - Aachen - Zurich - Munich

Attendance & Certification

Certificate & Practitioner License

Practitioner Manual

Training Content & Exercices explained

NLP Practitioner Training

NLP Process for Change
Representation System

Eye Accessing

Trance & Anchoring

Meta Model & Milton Model

50% OFF

NLP Master Practitioner

was  3.250 €

now 2.100 €


9 Day Seminar in a Hotel

London - Aachen - Zurich - Munich

Attendance & Certification

Certificate and Master Practitioner License

Master Practitioner Manual

Training Content & Exercices explained

NLP Master Practitioner Training

NLP Practitioner Practice

More advanced inductions

Strategy Elicitation & Change

Meta Programs


50% OFF

NLP Practitioner &
Master Practitioner

was  5.450 €

now  3.850 €


7+9 Day Seminar in a Hotel
London - Aachen - Zurich - Munich

Attendance & Certification

Certificate & Both Licenses

Both Manuals
Practitioner & Master Practitioner

Training Content & Exercices explained

NLP Practitioner Training


NLP Master Practitioner Training



The past does not determine the future!

“The only issue with your dreams may be that you don´t believe in them”

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