NLP Seminars are in very high demand. People from all over the world will be joining us, to get their certificate as Licensed Practitioner or Licensed Master Practitioner signed by Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Your level of success has much to do with your ability to control the state your in. Controlling ones state in turn has to do with the adequate use of language, personal strategies, meta programs, belief systems  and how we interact with others. All of these are elements of the NLP certification and application curriculum.

While some people want to become a licensed practitioner, others want to learn how to use NLP in a specific environment, such as in business, in sports or in education. Still, their desires are very much alike:

  • Be better in what they do
  • Access their resources whenever they need
  • Communicate better
  • Have better relationships
  • Get over fears and anxieties
  • Find the job that really motivates them
  • Get the results they wants

✅  NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner certification seminars

These seminar lead to Licensed Practitioner or Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP, approved and signed by the Society for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Dr. Richard Bandler.
Our seminars follow the same content, use the same manuals and teach the same skills as the Practitioner and Master Practitioner Seminars offered by Dr. Richard Bandler and his team.

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✅  NLP application seminars, such as NLP in sales, leadership, education and more.

NLP application seminars teach the use of NLP techniques in situations that are specific to certain environments. We will explain, demonstrate and have you practice NLP techniques with these specific environments in mind. Case studies, role plays and many exercices will assist the student in apprehending and tranfering the NLP techniques to his or her environment.

These seminars are infrequently offered or inhouse seminars. Please contact us directly via our CONTACT FORM to request specific information.

The contents we present will be as fascinating as challenging. Participants will leave the seminar not only with a rich set of new tools and techniques, but will find themselves changed and way more upbeat and enthusiastic. The international atmosphere as well as the many cultural differences will only add to the excitement and make these seminars an unforgettable and powerful experience. Prepare to have a great deal of fun and bring your best sense of humor.